NoSQL and Advantages of NOSQL

Why NoSQL? Bigger data handling capability To handle Volume of data it allows data to be spread across commodity hardware Elastic scaling Scale out the storage Flexible Schema/fixed data model It does not need a organized schema. The schema is dynamic or fixed schema Integrated caching facility To Increase performance, NOSQL cache data in system […]

CAP Theorem

CAP Theorem for a distributed architecture:   Consistency: The data in database remains consistent after the execution of an operation. Example: After an insert operation all clients will see the same data Availability:The System is always On/Available. Partition Tolerance:The system continues to function even if the servers are not able to communicate with each other […]

Data Manipulation Language in Cassandra

Data Manipulation Language in Cassandra: Insert data to KeySpace: Syntax: &lt;INSERTSTATEMENT&gt; ::= INSERT INTO &lt;TABLENAME&gt; '(' &lt;IDENTIFIER&gt; ( ',' &lt;IDENTIFIER&gt;)* ')' VALUES'(' &lt;TERM -OR- LITERAL&gt; (',' &lt;TERM -OR- LITERAL&gt;)<em>')'(IF NOT EXIST)?( USING&lt;OPTION&gt; (AND&lt;OPTION&gt;)</em> )?&lt;TERM -OR- LITERAL&gt; ::= &lt;TERM&gt; | &lt;COLLECTION-LITERAL&gt; &lt;OPTION&gt; ::= TIMESTAMP &lt;INTEGER&gt;|TTL&lt;INTEGER&gt; Update data in KeySpace: Syntax: &lt;UPDATE-STMT&gt; ::= UPDATE&lt;TABLE-NAME&gt; (USING &lt;OPTION&gt; (AND […]

Data Definition Language in Cassandra

Data Definition Language in Cassandra: You can create,alter,drop,truncate table/keyspaces in Cassandra. Create KeySpace: It is used to create a new keyspace Syntax: CREATE KEYSPACE &lt;NAME&gt; WITH STATEGY_CLASS = &lt;STATEGY_NAME&gt;[AND STRATEGY_OPTIONS;&lt;OPTION&gt;=&lt;VALUE&gt;[…]]; USE: It is used to switch to a keyspace to perform work Syntax: USE &lt;KEYSPACE&gt; Alter KeySpace: To change the existing keyspace Syntax: &lt;CRETAE-KEYSPACE-STMT&gt;::= ALTER […]

Cassandra Query Language (CQL)

Cassandra Query Language:(CQL) CQL is the SQL interface in Cassandra.CQL is intended to privide a simple,common and easier interface in Cassandra. Cassandra was originally developed with a Thrift RPC based approach and it was difficult to work with. So CQL was developed to overcome the Thrift RPC approach. It is similar to SQL but all […]