Missing src/main/java in Maven project in Eclipse

When you create a Web application using Maven and import it in Eclipse, you may not see src/main/java folder in the Project or Package Explorer.   You can fix it using the following steps : Step 1: Right click on the Maven Project, select Build Path and then Configure Build Path Step 2: In Order […]

Import Maven project in Eclipse

After creating a maven project using maven archetype:generate command, the maven project would be generated, but you can’t directly import it into Eclipse as a normal project.   You can import the project in Eclipse in following ways:   Run mvn eclipse command to create eclipse project structure and then import as normal project   (OR) […]

Missing src/main/resources in Maven project

When you execute mvn archetype:generate to create a project from an archetype, it creates the necessary project structure for the project.   The folder src/main/resources is supposed to contain the resource files like xmls and property files and is normally created at the time of project creation.     Class path resource error   If […]

Create Web application using Maven

Maven installation steps   Step 1: Download Maven from maven website. Lets assume maven is installed in c:\apache-maven-3.3.3 Step 2: Take a note of your java installation path. We’ll assume you have java installed in path c:\java\jdk1.7.0_75 Step 3: Set JAVA_HOME variable to your Java installation path. In windows system, you can Right click on […]

Maven Basics

Maven   Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects   It can help in reducing development time by organizing the code and also downloading the required dependencies for your project.   Maven download and setup   To get started with maven, download it from maven installation path.   Maven requires JAVA_HOME […]