Java 8

How to find date time differences in Java 8

In Java8, we can use following classes to find date time differences : Period Duration ChronoUnit   Period We can use Period class to calculate difference in year, month, days between two Dates. Here is an example of using Period class methods getYears(), getMonths() and getDays() to calculate age of a person. package com.topjavatutorial; import […]

Java 8 Interview Questions – Part 2

In this article, we will discuss frequently asked Java 8 Interview Questions and Answers. You can refer the Part 1 using this link : Java8 Interview Questions : Part 1   Java 8 Interview questions 1. What are Static Interface Methods in Java 8 ? How are static Interface methods invoked ? JDK 8 added […]

Java 8

Interface with default methods vs Abstract class in Java 8

Starting with Java 8, interfaces can define default method implementations. As of Java 8, whenever you have the choice of either, you should go with the defender (aka. default) method in the interface.   Interface Default method advantage   The constraint on the default method is that it can be implemented only in the terms […]

Java 8

Predicate vs Function in Java 8

Java 8 Predicate and Function   Both Predicate and Function are predefined functional interfaces introduced in JDK 8.   These are added in java.util.function package.     Predicate Interface   This is represented as Predicate<T> where T is an object type input. The purpose of Predicate<T> is to decide if the object of type T […]

Java 8

Java8 Interview questions

This post contains interview questions related to new features introduced in java 8 .   What is a lambda expression ? What are advantages of lambda expression ? What is a functional interface ? What is the type of a lambda expression ? What is the target type of a lambda expression ? What is the […]