10+ Must Read Java Microservice Interview Questions

In this article, we will discuss some of the frequently asked Microservice interview questions and answers. What is a Microservice ? Explain Microservice architecture What is a Gateway in microservice ? Which tools you use for automation in microservice environments ? What is Spring Boot? Why is Spring Boot popular for Java microservice development ? […]

Spring Boot – CRUD operations using JPA

In this article, we will use the JPA (Java Persistence API) with Spring Boot for insert, update, delete and read operations. We are using in-memory H2 database, but the same can be changed for any other relational database.   Project Structure We can use Spring Tool Suite(STS) to create a Spring starter project and choose […]

How to fix Source folder is not a Java project error in eclipse

If you are creating a maven web project in eclipse and get a “Source folder is not a Java project” error, here is how to fix that : To fix this, right click on your project and select Properties -> Project Facet Click on “convert to faceted form” Select “Java” and click on “Apply and […]

How to configure proxy in Eclipse

In this article, we will discuss how to configure proxy in Eclipse. If you are behind a proxy and want Eclipse to connect to internet for some plugins like STS(Spring Tool Suite), follow the following steps : In Eclipse menu bar, go to Window -> Preference. Select General -> Network Preferences. Switch the provider to […]

Java 8

Java 8 : UnaryOperator Functional Interface

UnaryOperator UnaryOperator is a Function on a single operand that produces a result of the same type as its operand. It Transforms the input value to a result of same type.   UnaryOperator Methods UnaryOperator extends from Function. So, it inherits the Function interface methods apply(), andThen() and compose(). It also adds a static method […]