Android Studio – Gradle project refresh/sync failed : connection timed out

This article tries to address following issues while starting Android Studio Gradle sync failed: Connection timed out   Gradle project refresh failed : connection timed out If you are getting this error while starting Android studio, it will be mostly because its not able to connect to Internet. Check if you are able to connect […]

Android Linear Layout

LinearLayout The widgets contained in LinearLayout are displayed in the order in which they are added. LinearLayout applies either vertical or horizontal ordering. All children of a LinearLayout are stacked one after the other, so a vertical list will only have one child per row, no matter how wide they are, and a horizontal list […]

Android RelativeLayout

RelativeLayout RelativeLayout displays child elements in relative positions. Each element’s position is specified relative to sibling elements parent RelativeLayout area.   This layout was automatically included in our Hello World App that we created in this article : Android Hello World App to accept user input   In this app, we added an EditText and […]

Android Hello World app to accept user input

In this article, we will modify the Hello World app to accept username and display greeting message for the provided username on click of a button. You can refer the corresponding article here : Hello World App using Android Studio   Add button and a text field to the app To start with, lets open […]

Android Hello World App using Android Studio

In this article, we will create a simple Hello World android app using Android studio.   1: Create new Android studio project Start Android studio by clicking it’s icon in the start menu. Start a new Android studio project by using File -> New -> New Project In the Application name, let’s provide “HelloWorldApp”. You […]