English Grammar for Competitive Exams

  This post explains : Subjects and Predicates Types of Sentences Parts of speech Basic rules of English grammar   Sentence correction questions need understanding of english grammar. So, lets start with the basic concepts and grammar rules.   Subjects and Predicates   The subject is the star of the sentence; the person, animal, or […]

Sentence Correction

Sentence correction questions appear in GMAT/GRE exam as well as most competitive exams that test knowledge of English language. Sentence correction questions test understanding of grammar rules. These questions ask to recognize the mistake in a sentence and correct it.   Here are some of the grammar rules that Sentence Correction questions test :   […]

India General knowledge snapshot for Competitive exams – August 2015 – part3

  Ashley Madison site hacked Hackers hacked infidelity site Ashley Madison and leaked sensitive data online   Google Alphabet Umbrella Google recently announced restructure naming the parent company name as Alphabet. Google also confirmed Life Sciences as the first new company under the umbrella of Alphabet. Google co-founder and Alphabet president Sergey Brin published a […]

India General knowledge snapshot for Competitive exams – August 2015 – part2

  Kumar Sangakkara retires Srilankan cricket Legend Kumar Sangakkara retired after the 1st test against India with a win   OP Rawat appointed as Election Commissioner of India With Rawat’s appointment, the sole vacancy in the three-member poll body has been filled. Naseem Zaidi and Achal Kumar Joti are the other members of the Election […]

India General knowledge snapshot for Competitive exams – August 2015 – part1

  England Win Ashes 2015 England beat Australia comprehensively to win Ashes 2015.   International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples observed 2015 Theme of the day is “Post 2015 Agenda: Ensuring indigenous peoples’ health and well-being”.   Xiaomi Corp tied up with Foxconn to set up facility in Andhra Pradesh under Make in India […]