JAX WS Hello World

In this article, we will create a JAX WS Hello World program.   Tools/Technologies Used : Eclipse IDE Tomcat Server Metro jars   Here is an overview of the steps involved : Create a Dynamic web project Add Web service class Define WSServlet and url-mapping in web.xml Add sun-jaxws.xml and provide reference to the webservice […]

Creating RESTful webservice with Jersey

In this article, we will create a restful webservice using Jersey framework.   Here are the tools & technologies used : Eclipse Jersey framework Maven Tomcat server   Here are the steps for this :   Step 1 (Using maven, create the project structure)   Run the following maven archetype command :   mvn archetype:generate […]

REST client using HttpClient 4 api

This article will assist in creating a Client for invoking a Rest service.. we are using HttpClient 4.3.5 jar for this.   We need to download the following jars for this: httpclient 4.3.5.jar commons-httpcore 4.3.2.jar httpclient-cache 4.3.5.jar commons-logging 1.1.3.jar   You can directly download these jars from apache site or use maven to download the dependcies […]

REST client using HttpClient 3 api

In this article, we will see code for writing a REST client using HttpClient 3 api.   We will use the request/response is in JSON format. serviceURL is  the Rest service url that we need to connect to.   HttpClient 3 supports classes GetMethod and PostMethod through which we can do a Get or Post service […]

REST service using Jersey and Grizzly

This tutorial would help you to create a simple Jersey service without the need of deploying to a container.   We will develop the Restful service with Jersey and Grizzly and for doing that we will use Maven to setup the environment and download the dependencies.   If you need help installing maven, you can […]