xml schema to Java object and Java object to schema conversion with schemagen and xjc

In this article, we will use schemagen and xjc utilities for xml schema to java object and java object to xml schema conversion.   Both these utilities are included as part of JDK.   schemagen utility can generate an XML Schema instance from a POJO.   xjc can generate java classes from a XML schema. […]

REST architectural principles

This post aims to explain the following :   – What are REST architectural principles ? – What is HATEOAS ?   Here are the architectural principle in REST :   ¬† Addressability   In REST, URIs are used to address a resource. Each HTTP request must contain URI of the object whose state is […]

Symmetric/Asymmetric Encryption and Decryption

  ¬†Basic Encryption/Decryption strategy:   The aim of encrypting/decrypting data is to make sure the data sent by sender can be understood by the intended recipient only.   For example, if person A is sending a message to person B, another person C eavesdropping to the message should not be able to read it. So, […]