Java 8 Block Lambda Expressions

In this article, we will understand the difference between Expression lambdas and Block lambdas. We will also see how to create Block lambda expressions.
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This article assumes understanding of basics of Lambda expression in Java.

You can refer this article for the same :

Java 8 Lambda Expressions Introduction

Expression Lambdas vs Block Lambdas

The lambda expressions that have a single expression in the body are know an Expression lambdas.

Java also supports second type of lambda expression where the lambda expression body contains a block of code rather than just a single statement. This type of lambda expression are called Block lambdas.

In the block lambda expression, we must explicitly use a return statement to return a value.

Creating Block Lambda Expressions

To create a block lambda expression, we can enclose the body within braces as shown below :

MathFunctions mathFunc = (n) -> { 
//block of code

In the below program, we use a block lambda expression to calculate and return the factorial of a number.

package com.topjavatutorial.java8examples;

public interface MathFunctions {
  int factorial(int n);

The MathFunctions functional interface declares the factorial method. This method takes an integer argument and returns an integer value.

package com.topjavatutorial.java8examples;

public class LambdaBlockDemo {

  public static void main(String[] args) {

    MathFunctions mathFunc = (n) -> {
      int fact = 1;
      for(int i =1;i <= n;i++){
        fact = i * fact;
      return fact;
    System.out.println("Factorial(5) = " + mathFunc.factorial(5));




Factorial(5) = 120

In the above example, we created a block lambda expression and declared a variable fact in it to store factorial value.

Then we added a for loop, that evaluates factorial of a number and returns it.

The return statement just returns the control from the lambda; it does not cause an enclosing method to return.

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