Possible reasons for jQuery not working

Here are some common reasons for which jQuery may not be working on your page:

jQuery Script not included correctly

Make sure you have included jQuery correctly in your web application.

You can download and add it locally or refer to a CDN provided by Google or Microsoft.
Here is an example that uses Google’s CDN for jQuery:
jquery not working

jQuery Conflict

Sometimes one jquery version may conflict with the other jquery versions. So, you need to put them in such a order that they may not conflict with each other, or better just use one version.. you should be able to achieve your desired functionality by using one jquery version.
Also, any other JS libraries like angularJS or extJS you included in your page may be using $ symbol that jQuery also uses and causing some conflict.

For such issues, use the jQuery noConflict() method to resolve conflicts.
Refer this article for more information on using noConflict().
jQuery noConflict()

Make sure jQuery is loading

Make sure jQuery is loading in your page without any issue using a small check like the one below.

To check if jQuery is working on not in your page, add the following at the top of the scripts section :

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

 window.onload = function() {
  if (window.jQuery) {
    alert("jQuery working");
  } else {
    alert("jQuery Doesn't Work");
// your jquery code


If you get jQuery working message, there may other issues like javascript syntax errors or something else preventing your code from working correctly.

Check browser console

Checking the browser console can help you find issues with jQuery or any other JS libary.

You can right click on your page and select “Inspect element” in IE and check under the Console tab for this.

jquery not working


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