Best 25 Java articles on the web in 2015 (Worth Reading !!!)

Welcome to 2016 !! Wish you a very happy and promising new year 2016.


Let’s review all our best featured java articles in year 2015.

We read many articles in 2015 and received a lot of valuable comments.

So this is the time to review the best ones for 2015.


You can click on each individual link to read more on it.


Popular & Tricky Java Puzzles in 2015:

Article 1: Java Quiz 1 (Increment Operator)

Article 2: Java Quiz 2 (Java Operators)

Article 3: Java Quiz 3 (finally)

Article 4: Java Quiz 4 (Nice puzzle on datatypes)

Article 5: Java Quiz 5 (Equals method)

Article 6: Java Quiz 8 (Java8 feature: lambda expression)

Article 7: Java Quiz 10 (int vs Integer)

Article 8: Java Quiz 11 (Method overloading)

Article 9: Java Quiz 14 (Understanding ForEach loop)

Article 10: Java Quiz 17 (Variable arguments)


Best Featured articles in Java (2015):

Article 11: Java8 new features

Article 12: For loop evolution in java

Article 13: Static in java

Article 14: String Immutability in Java

Article 15: Exception Handling in Java

Article 16: Try with resources in Java7


Best Featured articles in Design Patterns (2015):

Article 17: Enterprise Design Patterns in Java

Article 18: Java Design Pattern Interview questions


Best Featured articles in Miscellaneous (2015):

Article 19: REST Architectural Principles

Article 20: Hadoop MapReduce Hello World using Java


Best Interview Questions in 2015:

Article 21: Java8 Interview Questions

Article 22: Java Interview questions series – Part 1

Article 23: Java Interview questions series – Part 3

Article 24: Java Webservice Interview questions

Article 25: Hibernate Interview Questions


Thanks for visiting and all the valuable comments. Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2016 !!


We promise to come back with some good articles in 2016 !!


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