Top Java Puzzles on Variables and Data Types

This article provides a list of top Java puzzles on Java variables and datatypes.
Top java puzzles

Popular & Tricky Puzzles on Java Variables and Data Types:


Article 1:

Java quiz on Characters (Try it)

Article 2:
Java quiz on operators with Boolean variables (Try it)

Article 3:

Java quiz on Short variables (Try it)
Article 4:
Java quiz on parsing String to Number (Try it)
Article 5:
Java quiz on For loop with Integers (Try it)
Article 6:
Java quiz on reading Input data using Scanner (Try it)
Article 7:
Java quiz on Comparing Integers (Try it)
Article 8:
Java quiz on String Concatenation (Try it)
Article 9:
Java quiz on understanding Boolean variable states(Try it)


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