Calling Stored Procedure in Java using CallableStatement

In Java, CallableStatement interface is used to execute SQL stored procedures. For executing stored procedures, we first call the prepareCall() method of Connection object. We need to pass the procedure name and parameter information to the prepareCall() method. This method returns a CallableStatement object for calling database stored procedures.   Calling stored procedure in Java […]

JDBC Updatable ResultSet

In this article, we will discuss about Updatable ResultSets using examples and understand how it is different from a normal ResultSet.   Updatable ResultSet   Normal read-only ResultSet allows you only to read the data. An updatable ResultSet allows you both to read the data and to modify it through the ResultSet. We can get […]

JDBC Scrollable ResultSet

In this article, we will discuss about Scrollable ResultSet in java.   Scrollable ResultSet   Normal ResultSet allows fetching elements in forward only direction. However, Scrollable ResultSet allows us to easily move in forward/backward direction. To create scrollable ResultSet, we must use a Statement/PreparedStatement object and provide scroll type to createStatement/prepareStatement method.   Syntax : […]

PreparedStatement in java

In this article, we will discuss about executing SQL statements using PreparedStatement.     PreparedStatement   PreparedStatement class is a subclass of Statement class.   But, in many situations its favored over Statement because:   – In some situations, it is more efficient compared to Statement – It can prevent SQL injection attack – It […]

Statement vs PreparedStatement in java

Statement vs PreparedStatement   PreparedStatement is a subclass of Statement.   Similar to Statements, we can use a PreparedStatement to run SQL statements against database.   Here are the differences between them :   Efficiency   When a statement is executed, the JDBC driver compiles the SQL statement before sending it to database.   If […]